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Hair Blueprint
Find your perfect hairstyle in 60 minutes, boost your confidence, show up more and |
{is it you right now?}
You wish you had some time for your morning yoga, but you have to waste these precious minutes taming your unruly strands
You feel you're a totally different person than you used to be a decade ago, but your hairstyle still belongs to the 'old you'
You pay regular visits to the hairdresser's, but the result doesn't make you happy
{now, imagine...}
...a woman smiles at her reflection in the morning. She knows that today will be a good day, because bad hair days are a matter of the past. She knows how to deal with her locks and it’s a pleasant routine now.

Every once in a while, she makes time for a hairdresser's visit, knowing that she is going to enjoy it and feel even more beautiful and confident. She receives compliments for her style and that sparkle in her eyes! Her hair is a harmonious part of her shining personality...
Hair Blueprint
Find your perfect hairstyle online in less than 60 minutes, boost your confidence, show up more and elevate your personal brand
{...want to be there?}
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You'll get a consultation from a professional stylist on the haircut and haircolour aligned with your personality, goals, and lifestyle, as well as with your face shape, your natural colours, and the state of your hair.
{helga's story}
I have big plans for self-realisation. I work in HR, but I'm starting my own business as a transformational coach. I want to grow a powerful personal brand for my business and social media. I love bright colours, accessories and a kind of "dare". With this transformation I feel empowered to help others on their transformation journeys! Thank you!
Helga, The Hair Blueprint Client
4 in 5
*research by GeeHair & Censuswide
women do not feel confident in the way they look
{ditch the statistics!}
Here's how it works
01 {tell me about you}
Fill in my quick and easy questionnaire about you, your hair, your goals, and attach pictures
02 {get your consultation}
At a 30-min video call, you receive a comprehensive guidance with up to two hairstyles selected personally for you. I answer your questions. You receive your Hair Blueprint with pictures of haircuts and colours, and a picture of how these styles would look on you
03 {cut or grow, you glow!}
You take the example photos to a hairdresser, spend pleasant (oh, who knows how many) hours in the salon chair, and feel beautiful and confident for the next months
{euhenia's story}
I am married, a mom of two children, and I work in a large company. Now I feel that the time has come to get out of my comfort zone and make a statement to the world, grow my income, and enjoy life. With my new image I feel that I'm ready to take over the world
Euhenia, The Hair Blueprint Client
{book now and you'll get:}
  • The Hair Blueprint
    Enjoy your me-time at the salon and come out brimming with confidence! A hairstyle consultation from a professional stylist, tailored to your appearance, hair, and your goals. You get example pictures to take directly to your hairdresser: spare time and stress for explanations. You also get a picture of how the hairstyles would look on you: no need to cut the fringe just to see you were net ready for it
  • Bonus 1: Personalised Hair Care Guide - worth 89 .-
    Your hair is your crown. Wear it with pride! Our goal is to have your hair look beautiful and healthy - and make you happy every day. That's why it's important to care about your locks in a right way. In this guide I'll give your recommendations on how to address your hair issues
  • Bonus 2: Your Makeup Palette - worth 99 .-
    Knowing your makeup palette empowers you to effortlessly enhance your natural beauty, express your unique style, and create stunning looks that truly reflect your personality. With the right palette in hand, you can confidently achieve a polished and put-together appearance. Discovering your recommended makeup palette is like uncovering your secret weapon for radiance, self-expression, and a renewed sense of confidence
  • Bonus 3: Checklist: Select Your Hairdresser - worth 39 .-
    A huge part of the hairstyle success lays, naturally, in the hands of the hairdresser. A goo d hairdresser will help you get the look you want while keeping your heir healthy. I'll tell you a secret: if you think you're happy with your hairdresser, but are not happy with your hairstyle - it may be time to change your hairdresser! I know how easy it is to make a wrong choice, so I've prepared a checklist on selecting The hairdresser for you
Total value of bonuses: 227 .-
{julia's story}
I often take part in the meetings with senior executives. Due to my "nice girl" appearance, people didn't take me seriously until they got to know me. I wanted to make an impression of a firm, more high-status but charming person right away. I believe we have achieved it with my new hairstyle. Thank you so much! I didn't even think about such a style for myself, I absolutely love it!
Julia, The Hair Blueprint Client
Hi, I'm Noa Leone, a style and image consultant. I help women who have a dream and who dare to chase it, to power up their personal brand with individual style strategy
You need The Hair Blueprint, if:
: {you're a driven woman on a mission} THB is your key to leaving a lasting impression, reflecting your ambition and elevating your personal brand to new heights.
: {you've undergone a transformative journey} THB is designed to help you reclaim your style, express your growth and aspirations with a hairstyle that sets you apart.
: {you want to prioritize meaningful and enjoyable tasks over wrestling with your strands} THB reveals the secret to effortless style, freeing up your time and energy from the daily struggles of managing unruly hair.
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A woman who cuts her hair
is about to change her life.
Coco Chanel
I know you're juggling a thousand things. That's why THB is as quick and convenient as a coffee break - fully online and with less than 60 minutes of your time! A brief online questionnaire and a 30-minute chat over the internet are all it takes to steer clear of hair woes and step into a future of fabulous hair days. You're investing precious moments into creating a powerful personal brand.

Hair Blueprint
The Hair Blueprint: Online
Available worldwide

You fill in the questionnaire and send me the pictures online.

You get:

  • Recommendations as to the hair colour
  • Recommendations as to the haircut
  • Images of how the hairstyles would look on you

+ 3 BONUS GUIDES when you book till 31 August:

  • Personalised Hair Care Guide (worth 89 .-)
  • Individual Makeup Palette (worth 99 .-)
  • Checklist: Choose Your Hairdresser (worth 39 .-)
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